About Batched

How It Started

Started from my home kitchen in 2024, Batched was established after deciding to take a step back from the world of digital marketing and pursue a lifelong passion of starting my own bakery business.

My first experience of baking came at the age of 10, after being shown a classic Victoria Sponge recipe. I procedded to make that recipe almost every weekend for the next 4 years. As I grew up, baking swiftly evolved from a mere pastime to a consuming passion, taking up much of my spare time. 

Whilst most of my working career has been spent in digital marketing, I took a short break to work in a bakery for 6 months. I ended up back in an office environment, and whilst it paid the bills, I felt unfulfilled by the work I was doing.

After an opportunity came up that meant I could dedicate more time to other projects, I jumped at the chance to get back in the kitchen, and Batched was born out of a desire to bake delicious cookies and share my passion for high-qaulity, thoughtfully-designed bakes. 

Who We Are

At Batched, flavour reigns supreme and we don't comprimise on quality. All of our recipes are meticulously tested, and we only use the best possible ingredients, ensuring you get the perfect batch every time! Each cookie is handcrafted and hand-rolled, infusing every crumb with our passion and dedication.